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Tetra - Whisper Bio-Bag

Tetra - Whisper Bio-Bag


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These are the same cartridges that have been around for decades. Filter floss pocket with carbon on the inside. 

Filter Cartridge Size Guide

In Tank Power Filters  Whisper Filter  Whisper Bio-Bag
Micro 2-5 Medium
10i Medium
20i Large
40i Large
External Power Filters E Medium
J Medium
10 Medium
C Large
20 Large
30 Large
40 Large
60 Large


Rivers to Reef says:  These bags recommend a monthly changing, but we say to just replace it when it gets clogged. This is usually dependent on the bioload of your tank. It might take 3 weeks, it might be 8. Just keep an eye out, and when the water starts to overflow back into your tank it's time to swap them out.