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Seachem - Reef Buffers and Additives

Seachem - Reef Buffers and Additives


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Reef Fusion 1 and 2 is a two part system that helps to maintain calcium and alkalinity levels. Fusion 1 raises calcium and Fusion 2 raises alkalinity. Dosing both also provides appropriate magnesium, strontium, boron, iron, manganese, and molybdenum. Seachem has a helpful calculator here to figure out your dosing regime. Note: 500 mL treats about 3,250 gallons of water.

Reef Buffer helps to raise your pH safely to 8.3. When used as directed it should not raise your pH above 8.3. It is always recommended to check your pH and alkalinity before dosing Reef Buffer. Note: 500 g treats about 4,000 gallons.

Reef Dip is a coral disinfectant. It is safe for Rivers to Reefuse on SPS, LPS, Soft Coral, Anemones, and other polyps. Never dose Reef Dip into your tank! Note: 250 mL makes about 50 gallons of dip solution.