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Seachem - Beneficial Bacteria

Seachem - Beneficial Bacteria


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Seachem Pristine - Pristine helps to breakdown excess food, waste, and detritus in both fresh and salt water systems. The bacteria species that are in each bottle are a unique blend that can break down a wide range of organics including fats, preventing that unsightly film from forming on the top of your tank.


Seachem Stability - Stability helps to quickly establish the biological filtration in both fresh and saltwater tanks. Inside of each bottle is a unique mix of beneficial bacteria that help breakdown ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. The bacteria in Stability will not produce hydrogen sulfide and is completely safe for use in all tanks, and there is no danger of overdosing.

Seachem Head Start - Seachem Head Start is a combination box of three great products that you'll need when you start up your aquarium. Each of these bottles is 100 mL. The first bottle is Prime, which is Seachem's very potent water conditioner. The second bottle is Stability (mentioned above). The third is Clarity, which is Seachem's water clarifier. When you are first starting up a tank it is not abnormal to experience cloudy water. Clarity helps bind these small particles together to allow the filter to better remove them.