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San Francisco Bay Brand - Seaweed Salad Packs

San Francisco Bay

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Seaweed Salad is a natural treat for your marine and freshwater herbivores. Our product is much more nutritious than spinach and lettuce. This is recommended for all freshwater Algae Eaters, African Cichlids, Silver Dollars, Sharks and all saltwater Damsels, Clownfish, Angels, and Tangs.

Rivers to Reef says: Many fish go crazy over this stuff, not just herbivores! When you put a sheet into your tank we recommend clipping it to wall of your tank with these.

Note: A 4 Pack contains 4 sheets, cut into 16 3.7 in x 4.1 in sheets. A 10 Pack Contains 10 sheets, cut into 40 of these same size sheets. We know it's confusing, but we didn't do the labeling on these things.