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Ruby Reef - Kick-Ich, Rally, & Hydroplex

Ruby Reef - Kick-Ich, Rally, & Hydroplex

Ruby Reef

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Ruby Reef makes three products: Hydroplex, Kick-Ich, and Rally. The company was founded in the late 90's by a doctor and hobbyist. 

Kick-Ich - This product is a copper free treatment of ich in both fresh and salt water. It is safe for use in all tanks including reef tanks and planted shrimp tanks. It has no impact on biological filtration. It is recommended for use with Rally to combat any secondary infections that might creep up.

Rally - Is a copper free aquarium pharmaceutical for the control and elimination of external parasites especially dinoflagellates, flukes, and pathogenic bacteria in marine and freshwater aquaria. Rally is safe for use in all tanks including reef and planted shrimp tanks. 

Hydroplex - Is broad spectrum aquarium pharmaceutical  that is effective for the control of parasites and microscopic organisms found in aquaria and ornamental ponds including bacteria, ciliated protozoa, dinoflagellates, copepods, small [platy]helmenthics and annelids. HydroPlex is especially effective, and strongly, recommended, in a dip regimen for cleansing new arrivals of unwanted parasites and bacteria, especialy if a quarantine tank regimen is not practical. It is very effective for treating diseased fish via a dip regimen or in hospital tanks.

Kick-Ich Dosing: 8oz treats 20 gallons of freshwater or gallons of saltwater. (Full treatment, from start to finish)

Rally Dosing: 8 oz treats 13 gallons of freshwater or 26 gallons of saltwater. (Full treatment, from start to finish)

Hydroplex Dosing: Please click here for more info.

Rivers to Reef says: We have personally used this stuff and it works wonders. We dip all of our saltwater fish and our sensitive freshwater fish in Hydroplex during acclimation and have seen a drastic reduction in mortality and disease. It is important to follow the dosing on Kick-Ich and Rally as it is not your typical daily dose medication that you might be used to. Also make sure to use both Kick-Ich and Rally when treating ich, we find that it is more effective than just Kick-Ich by itself.