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Red Sea - Test Kits

Red Sea - Test Kits

Red Sea

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Red Sea test kits are very accurate liquid tests. Remember that these tests are only as accurate as the person running the test. For best results make sure follow instructions closely and do not cut corners. With the exception of the refills, all kits come with all the equipment required to run the tests including vials, syringes, and titrator if necessary. If you are looking for a really nice kit, then the Pro Kit is the way to go, if you are trying to save money the Marine Care Kits are what you are looking for. 


Calcium Pro Test: Does 75 Calcium tests.

KH/Alkalinity Pro Test: Does 75 KH/Alkalinity tests.

Magnesium Pro Test: Does 100 Magnesium tests.

Phosphate Pro Test: Does 100 Phosphate tests.

Calcium Pro Test Refill: Refills only! For 75 Calcium tests.

KH/Alkalinity Pro Test Refill: Refills only! For 75 KH/Alkalinity tests.

Magnesium Pro Test Refill: Refills only! For 60 Magnesium tests.

Marine Care Calcium: Does 75 Calcium tests. 

Marine Care Nitrate/Nitrite: Does 55 Nitrate or Nitrite tests. Does not do 55 tests of each!

Marine Care pH/Alkalinity: Does 100 pH tests and 55 KH tests.

Marine Care Phosphate: Does 100 Phosphate tests

Algae Control Pro Test Kit: Does 100 Nitrate and 100 Phosphate tests.

Trace-Colors Pro Test Kit: Does 50 Iodine, 40 Potassium, and 50 Iron tests. 

Marine Care Test Kit: Does 100 Ammonia, 50 Nitrate/Nitrite, 100 pH, and 55 Alkalinity tests.

Reef Foundation Pro Test Kit: Does 75 Calcium, 75 KH/Alkalinity, and 75 Magnesium tests.