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New Life Spectrum - Regular Small Fish Formula

New Life Spectrum

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New Life Spectrum's great fish food in a small pellet for your little fish. While flakes are a wonderful food for your smaller fish, they leach nutrients into the water. Pellets leach less nutrients into the water, and that means more nutrients for your fish. 

Rivers to Reef says: If you have small fish like neons, rummy nose, rasboras, and other nano fish fish (or even saltwater fish like firefish, small anthias, and gobies) these pellets are great for them. New Life Spectrum is quite possibly the best food on the market, and that is most evident in their ingredients. 

First 5 ingredients: Whole Fish, Whole Antarctic Krill, Ulva Seaweed, Whole Wheat Flour, Chlorella Algae

Nutrition: Crude Protein - Min 48%, Crude Fat - Min 5%, Crude Fiber - Max 4%