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New Life Spectrum - Medicated Food

New Life Spectrum

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New Life Spectrum Hex and Ick Shield is a high quality sinking food that is used to treat disease in fish. Hex Shield works well on intestinal parasites while Ich Shield works well in aiding in the treatment of the most common fish disease. Both are safe for all marine and freshwater fish. Both foods also contain a large quantity of garlic which not only encourages feeding, but is also an immune booster.

Rivers to Reef says: Both of these foods have pretty much the same ingredients with the exception of their active ingredients. When we get a stubborn case of Ich we will treat with both Ick Shield and an external medication. For fish that are wasting away (they eat, but never put on any weight), have white stringy poop, or red worms coming out of their anus, we treat with Hex Shield with great success. Sometimes you can even see the fish passing the dead worms.