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Lee's - Fish Net Breeder

Lee's - Fish Net Breeder


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Lee's Fish Net Breeder is designed for optimum water flow. With this basket you can isolate fish that are getting picked on or even give a safe space for a mama to give birth to her fry. This breeder box is approximately 6.5 in long x 4.75 in wide x 5.5 in tall 

Rivers to Reef says: If you are having a fish get beaten up it is best to put the more aggressive fish in the basket if possible, while allowing the victim to roam the tank. This is not always easy though, so if you can't catch the aggressor, save the victim by putting him in the basket. 

Female live bearers can hold onto clutches of fry until they feel safe. This basket usually does the trick. We like to put some plant cover so when the fry are born they have a place to hide. Mom is going to try and eat the fry, so as soon as you notice she has given birth and is done, remove mom. How do you know when you should put mom in the breeder basket? If you look at her, and think "She's huge! She's going to burst at any minute!" Once that thought crosses your mind, put her in the basket. Most moms will pop under the cover of darkness, so check back in the morning.