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Kessil - AP700 Hanging Kit


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The AP700 Hanging Kit allows the AP700 to be hung from your ceiling or even within your canopy. The Hanging Kit comes with two 118" long hanging cables, two toggle bolts, and two tapping screws, allowing the users to hang the AP700 at adjustable height. Our recommendation is to hang the AP700 15" - 18" above water surface to obtain a 48"x24" coverage for mixed reef tank, and 5" - 7" above water surface for a 36"x24" coverage for SPS dominant tank.

Note: AP700 is not included with this hanging kit!

Rivers to Reef says: Is your AP700 hung? Would you like it to be? Then this is the kit for you! We hung our AP700 using the little loops that came on the unit with some 15 pound black chain and that seemed to do the trick, but the loops on top of the unit itself do seem pretty chintzy (it's really the only part of the light that seems cheap). If you can afford the loss of sleep from hanging your $800 light from four chintzy attachment points, then do what we did for a few months, then break down and get this kit. It's so much nicer than the crappy chain we used.