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Hydor - Canister Filter


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The Hydor Professional Series of Aquarium External Canister Filters is a complete Eco-System in a box. All the Biological, Mechanical and Chemical filtration that any environment requires for a healthy and long-lived aquatic experience. From the Easy Priming feature to the telescopic intake tubes, everything had been made easy. For more specifications see chart below:

Rivers to Reef says: We really like these canister filters, more so that some of the other big name canisters our there. These guys are work horses and have a very nice spray bar that helps to circulate water throughout the entire tank. They come with all the media necessary to run them, including ceramic rings, sponge, and filter floss. These filters move a lot of water compared to other similar sized filters. Hydor is not new to the hobby, they have been making circulation pumps for decades.