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Hikari - Saki

Hikari - Saki


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Saki-Hikari is Hikari's premium line of foods for aquatic animals that contain probiotics.

Marine Carnivore and Herbivore: These foods both contain a balanced diet for their respective marine fish. Pellets are baby size and sink. For more information please click their respective links. 

Rivers to Reef says: We feed a mix of both of these foods to our reef and FOWLR tanks. (We literally just dump one of each bag into an airtight container and mix it up.) Even fish that we thought wouldn't want to eat pellets eat this food.

Turtle: Hikari's premium turtle food does not disappoint. Not only does it have probiotics, but it also is specially formulated to control odor and help keep water more clear. The pellet is log shaped and floats.  

Rivers to Reef says: Yes, we thought it was stupid that a food could help keep your water more clear, but you know what... it did. Couldn't believe it. Also the price is competitive with the main competitors, so you can't really go wrong.

Fancy GoldfishA professional use, color enhancing, probiotic daily diet for fancy goldfish that includes live (viable) microorganisms and is recommended as a daily diet for all types of premium grade or fancy goldfish, especially Ranchu.