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Hikari - Koi Food

Hikari - Koi Food


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Hikari is known worldwide for their koi food. Whether you are a grand champion koi breeder or just a pond enthusiast Hikari probably has a food for you. 

Rivers to Reef says: Adjusting what you feed, and how much you feed is important to maintaining a healthy pond. Ectothermic (AKA cold-blooded) animals have a metabolism that is based on outside tempertures.

This means that when the water temperature is 65 degrees F and above you can feed two or more times a day with your preferred food. When the temperature drops below 65 you should feed your koi and goldfish only once per day (with periodic fasting) with a wheat based diet. Why wheat? Since the metabolism of fish is lower in the cooler temperature food hangs out in the gut of the fish for longer. Diets high in animal protein have a chance to rot, this can cause severe health issues in your koi and goldfish.

NOTE: When water temperatures are below 40 degrees F you should not be feeding your koi and goldfish!

For nutrition facts please click the link above and find the food you are interested in.