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Hikari - Goldfish Food

Hikari - Goldfish Food


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Hikari is one of the world leaders in goldfish and koi food. All foods provide a balanced diet and enhance colors. 

Wheat Germ: High fiber diet that contains more vegetable matter. This a mini pellet that floats and is meant for fish over 3 inches (80mm). 

Lionhead: Specially formulated for lionheads (but all goldfish can eat it, just don't tell them). It aids in formation of the wen (the bumps and wrinkles on their head). It is a mini pellet that sinks.

Oranda Gold: Great food for all gold fish, but aids in the growth of the wen (the bumps and wrinkles on their head). The main difference between this and the Lionhead formulation is that this food is a floating type.

Sinking Goldfish Excel: Great food for goldfish that are around one to three inches. This sinking pellet holds together well underwater so goldfish can scavenge for it without clouding the water.