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Eshopps - Overflow Boxes

Eshopps - Overflow Boxes


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Eshopps Overflow Boxes effectively transport aquarium water to under cabinet sumps, refugiums, or wet/dry filters. These high quality overflow boxes features bulkhead fittings for secure and convenient installation. The U-tube style compact overflow boxes are designed to fit between your tank and your wall to maximize space usage in your aquarium setup. With only 3 in. required between your tank and your wall, these boxes are excellent for optimizing space. Each box includes everything required to attach it to your system. 

Model Dimensions Usage Intake Max Flow
PF - Nano 4" x 2.5" x 8.5" H Up to 20 gallons Single 200 GPH
PF - 300 6" x 3" x 10" H Up to 75 gallons Single 300 GPH
PF - 800 8" x 3" x 10" H Up to 125 gallons Single 800 GPH
PF - 1000 9" x 3" x 10" H Up to 150 gallons Dual 900 GPH
PF - 1200 10" x 3" x 10" H Up to 200 gallons Dual 1,000 GPH
PF - 1800 12" x 4" x 10" H Up to 300 gallons Single 1,600 GPH


Rivers to Reef says: These are our favorite style overflow boxes. Once you get these started they stay primed pretty much indefinitely. Typically the only time we have ever had to re-prime the U-tube is when we move the tank, or when we are cleaning the tube out during our maintenance. When the power turns off these stay primed. When the tank fills back up again, the overflow begins to work.

The only issue that we have ever seen with these overflows is when air gets trapped in the U-tube due to flows through the overflow being too low. The faster water flow helps to push out any air that might make into the U-Tube. To avoid this, make sure you are getting an overflow that is the correct size to accommodate your return pump. If you notice your U-Tube is collecting air we recommend getting a larger return pump.