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Eshopps - Eclipse Series Overflow Boxes

Eshopps - Eclipse Series Overflow Boxes


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Beautiful and elegant overflow boxes never go out of style. It's function is never enough. Execution matters. Design counts. Maybe that's why the word for our new overflow box is Eclipse. With its reliable performance and increased noise reduction, the Eclipse features a slim, minimalistic design that offers another way to effectively transport water. Think true "plug & play" overflow box that just happens to have an extra punch.


  • New slim design
  • Template & Holesaw included
  • Red PVC Pipe included


Model Dimensions Black Box Tank usage
Eclipse S 6"x3"x6" 6"x1.25"x6 up to 75g
Eclipse M 8"x3"x6" 8"x1.25"x6" up to 100g
Eclipse L 12"x3"x6" 12"x1.25"x6" 100-150g



Rivers to Reef says: Yes, this overflow box requires that you drill a hole in your tank, but don't be scared! You can do it. Somethings to consider:
  • Make sure your glass is not tempered. The vast majority of tanks larger than 40 gallons have tempered bottoms, but not tempered sides (which is where you'll be drilling), so you should be safe, but it never hurts to confirm.
  • How confident are you in your patience? Drilling a tank is a slow and steady process. If you are impatient you will probably crack your tank.
  • There is a risk you might crack your tank even if you do things correctly! Consistent drill speed and even pressure on the bit are key. 
  • Go buy a small sheet of glass to practice on if you are worried. Diamond blades have a finite amount of life, but practicing once or twice before hand should be fine. The practice should help put your mind at ease and you can work out the kinks.
  • If you have a rimmed tank these might not be for you. Even if you drill your hole as close to the rim as possible, your final water level in the tank will be below the rim. We would recommend Eshopps standard overflow boxes where no drilling is required. 

 Note: We are not responsible for broken tanks as a result of using this product