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Eshopps - 1 in Flex Hose


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Eshopps' Flex Hose is excellent for use as a drain hose in sumps, wet/dry filters or other aquarium applications.

Rivers to Reef says: These hoses do not kink or collapse due to vacuum pressure caused by falling water. Some people like to use vinyl tubes for their drain hose, and we do not recommend them for the above two reasons.

"But Rivers to Reef, I read online that these hoses can build up detritus in the grooves and then that stuff can cause nitrate to form in my reef tank!"

  • If you are having this problem, then your water flow is suspect and/or your hose configuration is not correct. Also, you could just shake the hose while your pump is running and your filter sock can catch what falls out. Is this a serious concern? Vinyl hoses build up stuff too, but they can also collapse and/or kink causing your tank to over flow (and not in the good controlled way). Don't believe everything you read online... unless it's on our site... or maybe other sites that cite our site.