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Weco - Cut to Size Filter Pads

Weco - Cut to Size Filter Pads


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Cut to size filter pads are great! Often times they are much cheaper than buying the brand name replacement filter cartridges and require minimal work to cut to size. Just grab a pair of scissors and cut these 10 x 18in pads down to the size you need. In addition to acting as a mechanical filter, they come in multiple different flavors:

Plain: Just regular filter pad. Buy this flavor if all you are looking for is to replace your mechanical filter (pulls out particulates from your water). For use in both fresh and salt water.

Phosphate: The phosphate pad removes phosphate from both fresh and saltwater tanks in addition to acting as a mechanical filter. If you have algae problems in your tank, consider using this pad to help reduce its growth. You can also cut back on your light duration for a two pronged algae attack!

Carbon: The carbon pad is probably the most similar to your current cartridge (if that is what you are using). The carbon pad helps to remove odors and organics that might be discoloring your water. It will also remove medications from your water, so if you are treating your fish please make sure to remove all carbon from your system. For use in both fresh and salt water.

Ammonia: The ammonia removing pad is not for everyone. These pads should only be used in freshwater as they will NOT work in saltwater. Ammonia pads should only be used to temporarily. If you are having prolonged elevated ammonia issues you should consider increasing the amount of filtration in your tank. Prolonged use of ammonia reducing pads can cause issues with your biological filtration.

Nitrate: The nitrate reducing filter pads are our best seller! Nitrate is the final by-product of the nitrogen cycle. (Quick refresher on the nitrogen cycle: Fish excrete ammonia, which gets broken down into nitrite, then into nitrate.) Remember, these pads are not a substitute for water changes, but they can help prevent your nitrate from getting out of control in between changes.