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Hikari - Betta Bio-Gold


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Hikari Betta Bio-Gold  is a floating pellet has been carefully balanced to meet the nutritional needs of your pet. The inclusion of premium-select fish meal which provides a superior protein source, Astaxanthin, which helps enhance coloration, Grape Seed Extract (polyphenol), which has been shown to reduce the impacts of aging and Spirulina, which naturally offers a high concentration of usable vitamins, make this a daily diet perfectly suited for bettas and their high stress nature.

Rivers to Reef says: This is our choice for betta food, hands down. This food floats and doesn't break apart, which is great in the typical betta environment. Flakes and sinking foods can wreak havoc on water quality as they can be messy for smaller tanks. Feel free to substitute other treats for them, but this should be your staple food.