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CaribSea - Dragon Stone (Ohko Stone) Per Pound

CaribSea - Dragon Stone (Ohko Stone) Per Pound


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Dragon Stone is a beautiful rock for hard-scaping any freshwater tank, but it is especially desirable in planted tanks. These rocks can vary in color from a tan/dark brown to grayish silver. Each piece of Dragon Stone is unique in color, shape, size, and "craggy-ness " so the pieces you get will not look like the ones pictured here.

Rivers to Reef says: This rock is beautiful and not dusty. Pieces range in size from small (less than a pound) to very large (5 - 10 pounds), so let us know what you are looking for in the order comments and we will do our best to get you pieces in the size range you are looking for. Make sure to let us know your tank size too!

Note: If you choose the 25 pound box we cannot select pieces for you, each box is pre-packaged.