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Aqueon - Heater

Aqueon - Heater


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The Aqueon Mini Heater is the perfect size heater for MiniBows and other small aquariums. It is fully submersible, shatterproof and feature and thermal safety shut-off. The heater is 10 watts and is recommended for tanks 5 gallons or less. 

Rivers to Reef says: If your house gets cold we probably would not recommend this heater for any tank larger than two gallons. Even with that being said, this does not have a thermostat. That means this heats the tank to about 3-5 degrees above ambient temperature (maybe more in smaller tanks). If you wanted a nano heater, that has a thermostat you should look at our Aquatop Nano Heaters. They are preset to 77 degrees, so they won't overheat your tank and they come in two sizes. We would recommend the larger size if your house gets into the mid to upper 60's in the winter, and the smaller one if it stays in the 70's year round.