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Aquatop - Heaters w/ Protective Guard

Aquatop - Heaters w/ Protective Guard


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Aquatop heaters are fully submersible and have an LED indicatior to let you know when they are on. This line also comes with a plastic protective cover to ensure that your larger fish don't break them against the side of the tank. The thermostat on these heaters is adjustable from 68 to 93 degrees F. 

Aquatop Recommendations:

50W - Up to 13 gallons

100W - Up to 25 gallons

200W - Up to 50 gallons

300W - Up to 80 gallons

400W - Up to 130 gallons

Rivers to Reef says: Heaters can be tricky sometimes if you are in a household that gets very cold during the winter months. Remember your tropical fish typically want to be between 74 - 80 degrees F. If your house gets into the mid to low 60's we recommend going up one size. So if you have a 20 gallon tank, and your house sits at 62 degrees in the winter, you should get a 200W heater. Another way to tell that your heater isn't big enough is that it is on constantly. The LED indicator light should not be on 24/7.