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Aquatop - Breza Air Pumps

Aquatop - Breza Air Pumps


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Aquatop Breza air pumps are quiet and energy efficient air pumps. With five sizes that can accommodate tanks from 5 to over 100 gallons. For more information see the chart below:
Model AP20 AP30 AP40 AP50 AP100
Tank Size Up to 20 Gal Up to 40 Gal 5-50 Gal 20-50 Gal 50-100+ Gal
# of Outlets 1 1 1 1 2
Flow Control No No No Yes Yes
L/Min 1.0 1.5 2.5 2.5 3.0 x 2
Max Pressure 2.61PSI 2.90PSI 2.90PSI 3.19PSI 3.19PSI x 2
Wattage 2.5 Watt 3.0 Watt 3.5 Watt 3.5 Watt 4.0 Watt


Rivers to Reef says: The ultimate deciding factor on whether or not your pump is going to be strong enough to run your tank is the water depth. If you have a really deep tank, even if it has low water volume, it is going to require a larger pump. For example a 10 gallon tank that is 21 inches tall is going to require the same size pump as a 300 gallon tank that is 21 inches tall. Running multiple air accessories can also be a deciding factor. If you want to run two sponge filters you will probably need a bigger pump than if you were running just one

We really like the versatility of the AP50 because of the flow control knob. If it's too much for your smaller tank you can turn it down, if it's too slow for your larger tank you can turn it up.