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About Us

Rivers to Reef is a family-owned business located in Davis, CA. We opened in 2012 with the intention of focusing on educating people about fish, plants, and invertebrates. Our background in science, and our experience in the hobby, allow us to not only explain the "what's" in the hobby but also the "why's" and the "how's". This deeper understanding is passed onto our customers and they can go on to make more educated fish decisions in the future, even if it is not with us. (Though we would prefer it be with us!)

We do not offer our livestock online at this time, but we try to locally source fish, plants, and inverts to increase survivability, in our tanks and yours. In all other instances, we do our best to make sure that our livestock is cultured in captivity to reduce any environmental impacts from our hobby. If we have access to an organism that is aquacultured, we will choose that one, ten times out of ten.

Our dry goods selection is not full of gimmicky items. We have either used or are currently using many of the items that we sell, and they have performed well for us. The items that we carry that we don't have personal experience with are  requested by customers and we keep them by popular demand (which indicates that the item is quality). If we find that due to changes in formulation or production that a product is not performing well, we will remove it from our inventory. In addition to poor performance of a product, we will also remove an item if its manufacturer is not providing a similar level of customer service that we provide to our customers. 

We are not the typical aquarium store trying to make a quick buck. We exist because our customers can trust us, and we would never do something intentionally to damage that trust.